Malaysian Navy Helicopter Collides in Mid-Air, Killing All 10 People on Board

The Malaysian Navy reported that ten people were killed when two helicopters collided in mid-air while rehearsing for a Royal Malaysian Navy event today.

According to Reuters, the navy stated that the accident occurred at 9:32 a.m. today at the Lumut Naval Base in Perak, western Malaysia. All ten victims were on board the aircraft.

The two helicopters took off at about 9:03 a.m. this morning and crashed at the Naval Stadium in Lumut. One of them crashed into the stadium stairs, and the other crashed into the swimming pool.

Carrying seven and three people respectively, the two helicopters crashed after colliding during a rehearsal for the 90th Navy Day.

The navy stated, “It has been confirmed that all 10 people were killed on the spot, and their bodies were sent to Lumut Base Hospital for identification.”

Malaysian Perak state police chief Mohd Yusri also confirmed the helicopter collision. | A. Lee, BChannel News

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