Rotary Club of Malvar Inaugurates “Rotary Health Care for Moms” Mobile Care Unit in a Grand Ceremony

Malvar, Batangas, December 04, 2023 — In a momentous ceremony held at the Municipal Hall of Malvar, the Rotary Club of Malvar celebrated the successful inauguration of the “Rotary Health Care for Moms” mobile care unit.

This groundbreaking initiative aims to provide medical assistance to pregnant women in the Malvar community, ensuring their well-being throughout the crucial stages of pregnancy.

The ceremony, characterized by a symbolic turnover led by the President of the Rotary Club of Malvar Hope of Creating, Mr. Tomy Sadsad, Global Grant Chairman Mr. Nicasio Bordeos Jr., and esteemed Mayor Cristeta Cuevas-Reyes, was attended by key figures from various Rotary Clubs. Notable guests included President Sunkyun Shin and members from the Rotary Club of Samcheonpo-Jungang in South Korea, highlighting the international collaboration inherent in Rotary International’s initiatives.

The “Rotary Health Care for Moms” initiative is a joint effort between the Rotary Club of Malvar and several Rotary Club districts, including District 3590, District 3710, District 3820, and others. The inauguration marked the turnover of the first global grant facilitated by the Rotary Club of Malvar, demonstrating Rotary International’s commitment to community welfare and health on a global scale.

The Rotary Club Foundation played a pivotal role in supporting this initiative, underscoring its dedication to fostering positive change and providing vital services to communities in need. The Malvar Local Government Unit (LGU) expressed deep gratitude for the impactful project initiated by the Rotary Club, recognizing the value of the support received from the esteemed organization.

International representatives, including President Sunkyun Shin from the Rotary Club of Samcheonpo-Jungang, highlighted the global reach and collaborative spirit of Rotary International in addressing critical health issues faced by communities worldwide.

Mayor Cristeta Cuevas-Reyes expressed her appreciation for the Rotary Club’s commitment to the well-being of Malvar’s residents, particularly the expectant mothers who will benefit from the mobile care unit. She praised the Rotary Club’s dedication to service and community development, reinforcing the significance of partnerships between civic organizations and local government for the greater good.

The Rotary Club of Malvar, established on May 14, 2003, under the leadership of Charter President Dr. Carlito P. Reyes Sr., has continued its legacy of service under the current leadership of Hope Creating President Tomy Sumadsad and Hope Creating Secretary Majella Theresa Bambo.

The “Health Care for Moms” initiative was implemented with the help of Immediate Past President Jeric Platon, Immediate Past Secretary Kim Irving Billones, and Global Grant Chair Nicasion Bordeos last year.

The support and guidance from Immediate Past District Governor Gina A. Sy and District Governor William Pastor Delloro of 3820 are also acknowledged, further highlighting the collaborative effort that has made this initiative a reality.

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