Taiwan Earthquake: 4 dead, 57 injured in strongest quake in 25 years

According to the latest statistics from Taiwan’s Ministry of Interior, as of 12 p.m., the earthquake has resulted in the deaths of 4 people and injuries to 57 others.

The four deceased individuals were villagers in Hualien County, among them a bus driver in front of the Daqingshui Tunnel and three hikers on the Dekalun Trail who were killed by falling rocks.

Taipei City, New Taipei City, and central Taiwan’s counties and cities recorded a maximum earthquake magnitude of 5, while southern Taiwan’s counties and cities recorded a magnitude of 4.

The entire nation of Taiwan is clearly feeling the impact. This earthquake marks the highest magnitude event since the 921 earthquake, with its epicenter in Jiji Town, Nantou County, central Taiwan, 25 years ago.

The earthquake struck at 7:58:09 in the morning, with its epicenter located in the eastern waters of Taiwan, 25 kilometers southeast of Hualien County. It had a depth of 15.5 kilometers, making it an extremely shallow earthquake.

The earthquake was triggered by the northward tilting pressure of the Philippine Sea Plate. In the next three to five days, aftershocks with a magnitude of 6 or higher are expected. | Yu-Te Lee- BChannel News Team

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