15-Year-Old Boy Arrested in Sydney Church Knife Attack Suspected of Terrorism

A 15-year-old boy was arrested following a knife attack that occurred during a service at a church in western Sydney, Australia, on Monday. Police announced on Tuesday that the incident was an act of extremist terrorism with religious motives. They also called on the local community to control their anger and remain calm.

The attack took place in Sydney’s western suburbs and injured at least four people, including Bishop Emmanuel, who was hosting a webcast worship service at the time.

New South Wales Police Commissioner Webber stated at a news conference on Tuesday that the teenager allegedly made several comments during the attack. “After reviewing all the evidence, I declare this to be a terrorist incident,” she said.

Commissioner Webber noted that the attack was seen as a religiously motivated act of extremism intended to intimidate people, including parishioners inside the church and viewers watching the online live broadcast.

She mentioned that the suspect was “known to police” but was not listed on any terrorist watch lists. She also stated that the murder weapon was described as a switchblade, and police were investigating reports that the teenager lost fingers during the attack.

Both the bishop and the attacker have undergone surgery, and the attacker remains under police guard in the hospital. No charges have been filed yet. Two investigative teams have launched separate investigations into the attack itself and the surrounding riot.

This is the second major stabbing attack in Sydney, Australia’s most populous city, in three days. A knife attack occurred at a seaside shopping mall in Sydney’s Bondi area on the 13th, resulting in the deaths of six people.

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