Dindo Fernandez Takes Center Stage with Musica Chiesa in a Sold-Out Benefit Concert

On the magical night of October 28, 2023, Teatrino at Promenade in Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila, was the site of a truly extraordinary musical experience as Dindo Fernandez, the fast-rising balladeer, took the stage alongside the renowned ensemble Musica Chiesa for his first major benefit concert. The event was a resounding success, captivating the audience with a night of spellbinding melodies and unforgettable moments.

Directed by the esteemed Joey Nombres and under the musical direction of Michael Bulaong, the concert was a masterclass in musical finesse. The evening began with an enchanting rendition of “Go the Distance,” setting the tone for a night of musical brilliance. Fernandez’s powerful and emotive renditions of his original songs, including “Akala Ko,” “Makinig Ka,” and “I Look for You,” moved the audience to tears and applause.

The collaboration with Musica Chiesa, a highly respected ensemble known for its exceptional renditions of sacred and classical music, added an extra layer of elegance to the concert. The blend of Fernandez’s contemporary ballads with the ensemble’s classical expertise created a harmonious fusion that was nothing short of breathtaking.

A special highlight of the evening was the appearance of the talented Ms. Gel Pesigan, who joined Dindo Fernandez for a series of unforgettable duets. Their rendition of classics like “Endless Love” and “Sun and Moon” showcased the perfect harmony between the two performers, eliciting thunderous applause from the audience.

The magic of the night continued with a sing-along session that allowed the audience to become an active part of the performance. Songs like “Always,” “In Love with You,” and “Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang?” united the crowd in a shared musical experience, proving the power of music to bring people together.

The concert reached its climax with the heartfelt performance of “Pasko Na,” leaving the audience in a state of euphoria as they joined in, singing along to the beloved Christmas tune.

Beyond the enchanting music and soulful performances, the concert had a significant purpose. The event was organized as a benefit for the Rotary International District 3820’s “END POLIO NOW” program. The funds raised during the concert will go towards the eradication of polio, demonstrating Dindo Fernandez’s commitment to making a positive impact on society through his music.

Dindo Fernandez’s first major benefit concert was a testament to the power of music to inspire positive change. As a rising star in the Philippines’ music scene, Fernandez has undoubtedly left a lasting impression on his fans and supporters, and his dedication to supporting charitable causes further solidifies his role as not only a talented artist but also a compassionate advocate for change.

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