Parrot Profanity Problem: Zoo Implements ‘Reformatory Education’ for Foul-Mouthed Flock

In the UK’s ‘Lincolnshire Wildlife Park’, eight parrots were silently imitating human speech, and were found to be swearing at visitors. The park decided to mix the eight parrots into a group of nearly a hundred parrots, hoping that this can be used to ‘dilute’ the proportion of swear words.

Zoo CEO Steve Nichols said the zoo later moved the eight parrots into a group of about 100 parrots, hoping to dilute the proportion of swearing and allow the swearing parrots to learn better vocabulary. Recently, the park announced the results of the training conducted over the past few weeks. The results of the reformatory education were unexpectedly satisfactory to everyone.

Nichols pointed out that those parrots who cursed did not harm the other 92 parrots. On the contrary, since these 8 parrots started living with the 92 parrots, their bad habits have significantly improved, and one can almost say they no longer swear.

Originally, the park was worried that if these 92 parrots lived with 8 swearing parrots, they would get 100 swearing parrots.

It seems that the results after entering the correctional education camp for one month are different from what they expected.

Nichols said that this approach is actually full of risks. If you are not careful, everything may be lost. Fortunately, it seems that the swearing parrots are now under control.

One of them even started singing the song “We wish you a merry Christmas”. Although it’s still the early stages of experimentation, at least it’s a good start.

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