Iceland in state of emergency after volcano erupts, fourth time in 3 months

A volcano in Iceland erupted again on Saturday (March 16), and authorities said that “lava flows” posed a threat to nearby fishing towns and infrastructure.

A volcano on the Reykjanes Peninsula erupted again on Saturday, with southern Iceland declaring a state of emergency. This was the volcano’s fourth eruption since December and is considered the most powerful to date.

On the 17th, the “lava” flowing from the volcano seemed to have slowed down, but it still posed a threat to nearby towns.

Video captured by a Coast Guard helicopter showed lava fountains gushing out of a long crack in the ground, with the lava quickly spreading to the sides. The Icelandic Meteorological Office said the fissure was about 1.9 miles long.

The nearby tourist attraction “Blue Lagoon” has also been closed again, but the main international airport 10 kilometers away from the volcano is still operating as usual.

Authorities used fortifications to divert most of the “lava flow” to the sea. | Y.T. Lee, BChannel News

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